Antalya among top 10 of most popular cities, Bangkok remains no. 1

Bangkok remains the number one destination in the world for the fourth year in a row, with more than 22 million international overnight visitors in 2018. Paris and London flipped positions this year holding second and third spots respectively, both boasting over 19 million international tourists. Antalya, a popular summer destination particularly for East European tourists, has made into the top 10 this year with 12.4 million overnight foreign tourists.

Nine out of ten cities in the list saw more international overnight visitors in 2018 than the prior year, according to Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index. London hosted 4 percent less number of tourists. Global number of international tourists who spends at least a night in their foreign destination is up by 76 percent between 2009 and 2018.

Thailand‘s capital topped the list fourth year in a row, receiving tourists mostly from Japan, South Korea, India and the United Kingdom. Istanbul replaced Tokyo in the list becoming 8th most popular with 13.4 foreign guests. Here are the top 10 with the total number of visitors received and the amount of money spent a day per person:






Kuala Lumpur13.79M/$142

New York13.60M/$152




Görseller: WikimediaCommons

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