10 of the world’s most beautiful passports

Once a plain piece of official paper stamped at the customs between two countries, passports have come a long way in terms of design, with many modern technical and artistic features embedded in their pages. Almost impossible to imitate technically, many countries also pride themselves on the design of their passports which they see as the showcase of their nation’s creative identity. Here are 10 examples of strikingly beautiful passports distinguished with their astonishing designs as well as state-of-the-art technical features:


Each page is dedicated to a native species in Australian passport, where a kangaroo travels from one edge to another when tilted under UV light. One of the most difficult passports to counterfeit.


Another passport with hidden marvels revealed under UV light. This time it is the notes of the national anthem of Hungary (Szózat).


Finland has redesigned its national passport in August 2012, introducing pictures of a moose embroidered at the corners of each page that looks like walking when pages flipped.

United Kingdom

ulusal pasaport Britanya

Introduced in the last quarter of 2015, the pages of UK passport display British scientists, explorers, artists etc. Shakespeare re-appears on every page though.

New Zealand

One of the most traveling people in the world, New Zealanders have opted to show off country’s incredibly beautiful natural riches on each page starting with ferns on the first.


Norveç pasaportu

Selected via a design contest, Norway‘s new passport well reflects Nordic’s renowned minimalist design tradition, with nature scenes on each page that change color and form when tilted. Viewed with a wide angle upwards, colors darkens and Aurora Borealis appears.


Issued since 2013, Canada‘s colorful passport has quickly built an online reputation thanks to its awesome graphics and glowing colors under UV light. The prints change shape and color optically creating various moving images across the pages.


isveç pasaportu

Scandinavia is the land of awesome minimalist creative designs and Swedish zone is no different. Each page of their national passport is like a unique comic artwork with fun colors and shapes dancing under UV light when tilted.


Çin pasaportu

China‘s passport shows off a different national monument or a natural beauty on each page.


irlanda pasaportu

Irish passport comes with a topographical map of the country on the first page, and historical, artistic and architectural monuments on the others.

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