IATA tracks travel restrictions by country with interactive map

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has launched an online interactive world map to let travelers know the latest Covid-19 entry and/or travel restrictions by country.

The map draws the data from IATA’s Timatic database which contains comprehensive information on documentation required for international travel.

The situation is very dynamic and fluctuating for Covid-19, so Timatic updates the data more than 200 times a day to provide accurate travel restrictions specific to the coronavirus pandemic based on citizenship and country of residence.

“As the aviation industry prepares to safely restart, travellers will need to know which countries’ borders are open and what health restrictions exist. Travelers can rely on Timatic for comprehensive and accurate information on travel during the pandemic’’ said Anish Chand, IATA assistant director, Timatic.

In a recent survey commissioned by IATA regarding people’s concerns about air travel post-pandemic, more than 80 per cent of travelers say they are as concerned about quarantine restrictions as it affects the odds of actually catching the virus during travel.

“We support the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) guidelines to harmonise the measures to keep people safe while traveling and provide the confidence to open borders without quarantine measures. And this Timatic offering will be a vital tool for travellers who need easy access to accurate information on entry requirements” said Chand.

IATA’s Covid-19 interactive world map, also available for mobile, can be viewed here.

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