Japan gets top spot as most powerful passports revealed

Germany lost the top spot on most powerful passports to Japan in 2018. Based on International Air Transport Association‘s (IATA) data collected for 199 national passports in the world, Henley Passport Index 2018 listing revealed that Japanese passports holders can now enter 189 countries visa free or by getting one at the customs. German and Singapore passports are following with 188 countries.

“While Schengen Area countries have traditionally topped the index as a result of their open access to Europe, developed Asian nations have been able to secure equally high scores in recent years thanks to their strong international trade and diplomatic relations,” the HPI report says. The passport of United Arab Emirates has seen the fastest rise by 38 places to 23rd after securing visa exemptions to an additional 8 countries this year.

Here are the top 60 passports with free access scores:

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