20 soul soothing images from Tokyo’s most popular park, Shinjuku Gyoen

Common outsiders’ conviction that Tokyo is a jam-packed metropolis may well be a delusion. Though populated by 20 million plus people who are used to mostly live in relatively tiny spaces (by western standards), Japan‘s capital is still one of the greenest, most spacious and best planned cities in the world, with tons of open areas, parks and gardens, beautiful temples with spacious gardens and rarely-congested large drive ways. Tokyo has three giant parks at its very center and hundreds of other gardens, lakes, ponds and parks of different size scattered around the city. Shinjuku Gyoen of the big three is the most popular one, though not the biggest by size, thanks to its very central location, accessibility and design.

Covering an area of 58.3 hectares, the park had served as imperial gardens with public access until 1949, and turned into a government-run public park at the beginning of the 21st century. The gardens that are home to over 20 thousand trees (including 1500 cherry trees), are soaked in a mesmerizing blend of pinks, greens and yellows every sakura season. 20 soul soothing images shared below may give you an idea.

All images except last three: Noyan Ayan
Last three images: WikimediaCommons

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